Electronics Recycling Program.

Recycling matters because it’s good for our environment and the community. All electronics—basically anything containing a circuit board and cathode ray tube— need to be properly recycled.

Electronics Recycling Fees:

Electronic Screens (laptops, TVs, monitors)     $15.00

All other electronics and accessories No Charge

The Agency's Electronics Recycling Program provides an environmentally-sound and economically-feasible disposal option for old, unwanted electronics. Electronics are defined as anything containing a circuit board and/or cathode ray tube (CRT or "picture tube"). Examples include: computer monitors and CPUs, cell phones, televisions, printers, DVD players and VCRs. Other items such as holiday lights and small appliances can be recycled with electronics also.

All recycled electronics are processed at a secure demanufacturing facility in Davenport. The DMASWA recycles electronics because we are concerned about the hazardous materials contained in the electronics - lead, mercury, cadmium, nickel, chromium, lithium, and PCBs, among others. Electronics also contain many materials made from natural resources, some of which are not renewable and will be depleted over time. By recycling electronics, those valuable natural resources are used again to make new products, water pollution is prevented, and energy is saved in the extraction and manufacturing processes.


The drop off area for electronics is intended to be a self-service area. If you have a larger television and need assistance unloading it, please call the scale hours at (563)557-8220, ext.4 to set up a drop off appointment.

Questions about electronics recycling