Hazardous Materials Program.

DMASWA Regional Collection Center

Residential Customer Information:

The Household Hazardous Materials Regional Collection Center (RCC) is a permanent drop-off facility co-located with the DMASWA Landfill.  The RCC is a regional drop off center for household hazardous materials (HHM).

Hours of Operation:
April through October: Monday through Saturday, 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
November through March: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

 Household hazardous materials consist of oil-based paints, wood stains and finishes, lawn and garden chemicals, household cleaning chemicals, and other items that are potentially harmful to Iowa’s ground and surface waters.  Visit our Reuse and Recycling Guide for more information on specific items.

Residents are encouraged to utilize the materials as they are intended to be used and store them as directed on their containers. Any latex items can be dried out and placed with other trash. If materials need to be disposed of, they should be placed in plastic containers for transport to avoid spills, and brought to the RCC located at the Landfill facility.  

This program is supported through landfill tonnage fees and is a service provided to the residents of Dubuque and Delaware counties at no charge.

Please stop at the scale house when you arrive to receive directions.

Residential Hazardous Waste

Residential HHW Arrival

For additional information regarding household hazardous material management, call 563-557-8220 or go to http://www.iowadnr.gov/Environmental-Protection/Household-Hazardous-Materials.


Commercial Customer Information:

General Information for Commercial Customers:

The RCC provides a convenient, local site for hazardous waste disposal. Businesses and organizations are required to document its determiniation if a waste generated in their operations is hazardous or non-hazardous.The RCC accepts hazardous waste from businesses and organizations that generate no more than 220 pound of hazardous waste per month and store no more than 2200 pounds on site at one time.

"Very Small Quantity Generator" registration paperwork is required for disposal and can be found at the link below. The registration form is used to document that the business is qualified to participate in the program. The shipping form must be submitted prior to delivery to allow staff to review for hazards and special consdierations. The chemical and/or trade name is needed along with the amount and container type to help determine management.

After registration has been approved, an appointment will be scheduled for you to drop off items such as oil based paint, propane cylinders, lab chemicals, pesticides, motor oil, rechargeable batteries, flourescent light bulbs , sharps, and other hazardous items.

For more information on how to prepare your materials for proper disposal, check out the videos below:

Commercial Hazardous Wastes Determination

Commercial Hazardous Wastes Your Arrival at RCC

Looking for more information regarding proper use on disposing hazardous waste?

Please check out these documents below that will give you additional information on proper disposal of hazardous materials.


The Regional Collection Center is open:

April through October, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday

November through March, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

For more information, contact the Agency at (563) 557-8220, ext. 2 or email.

Questions about hazardous materials disposal