The Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency (DMASWA) has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to identify a partner to process and market the landfill gas collected by the agency.

May 01, 2018

The Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency has issued Addendum #1 to the RFQ/P for the Development of a Renewable Natural Gas Project. Propsers are to include this addendum with their response. Proposals are due by May 25, 2018.

The goal of the project is to produce a renewable natural gas product which may be used as a transportation fuel and to maximize the physical and environmental attributes that this gas provides.  Interested developers are invited to submit a proposal in the format outlined in the RFP.  The RFP and system performance data can be found at: or by contacting DMASWA Administrator John Foster at 563-589-4250 or Responses to the RFP are due May 25, 2018.  The agency plans to select a partner in June 2018 with a target date of an operational system by July 1, 2019. 

In 2010, the DMASWA began reducing its overall greenhouse gas emissions with the installation of a landfill gas collection and control system.  Landfill gas is a waste product generated as waste decomposes in the landfill.  It is comprised of methane (natural gas), carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen and other trace gasses.  This system is comprised of over three miles of plastic pipes collecting the gas, a blower motor draws the gas out of the landfill, and a flare destroys most of the landfill gas.   This system destroys over 50,000 tons of greenhouse gases (tCO2e) annually.  This is the equivalent to recycling an additional 17,422 tons of materials or planting over 58,000 acres of trees annually.   

To build on the DMASWA’s efforts to reduce its environmental impacts, the agency seeks to off-set the 30,000 tCO2e released and the 165,500 MMBTUs of wasted heat from the flare annually by cleaning the raw gas and converting it into a marketable renewable natural gas (RNG) product that can be utilized as a vehicle fuel.  The potential energy offset is over 1,000,000 gallons of gasoline equivalents or providing the heating needs for over 2,000 homes consumed annually.

DMASWA is an inter-governmental agency overseen by a three-member board of directors.  DMASWA’s charge is to manage solid waste generated within its service area, which includes the municipalities and the rural population within Dubuque, Delaware and portions of Jackson and Clayton counties in Iowa and Grant county, WI and Jo Davis county, IL.

DMASWA operates a municipal solid waste landfill, household hazardous materials collection center (Regional Collection Center), yard debris composting facility, and recyclables drop-off stations.  DMASWA is self-supported solely through user fees it collects.  

For information regarding the DMASWA’s Renewable Natural Gas RFP or the landfill gas collection and control system, contact Agency Administrator John Foster at 563-589-4354 or  Information regarding the DMASWA can be found at