The Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency (DMASWA) has awarded $50,973 in financial support to projects targeting waste minimization and environmental education in Dubuque county since January.

May 31, 2018

The financial support is provided through the DMASWA’s Waste Minimization Grant Program.  Grants have been awarded to Upscale Dubuque, The Millwork Night Market, Dubuque Trees Forever, and DAR3N.  These funds are being used to leverage an estimated $84,890 of additional investments in the community.

Upscale Dubuque was awarded $13,689 to establish an experiential retail business and space that focuses on creating new products from discarded materials diverted from the landfill.  Additional benefits of this project are the increased education on reuse and repurposing of waste materials, investment in the redevelopment of vacant store fronts and the potential for the creation of addition of local jobs.

Millwork Night Market was awarded $2,950 for assistance in making the monthly night markets low waste events with the addition of an onsite coordinator to work with vendors to minimize the amount of waste created, purchasing recycling containers and water bottles for market goers to use instead of single use water bottles.

Dubuque Trees Forever was awarded $1,150 for environmental education on the importance of trees, including hands on tutorial planting over 20 trees in the city of Dubuque.  This project highlights the importance of trees on air and soil quality as well as energy reduction.

Green Dubuque was awarded $33,184 to support the development of the Dubuque Area Reduce, Reuse, and Recycling Network (DAR3N) program.  The overall mission of this program is to increase landfill diversion of residential, institutional, and commercial discards and to educate and promote Zero Waste principles in the community.  This support will allow Green Dubuque to contract for administrative assistance to the volunteer-based group to establish a core group to guide the development of the program, establish works groups to share solid waste management approaches, collaborate on innovative projects and assist businesses in establishing measurable targets for waste reduction.  


The DMASWA’s Waste Minimization Grant program offers funding of up to $25,000 to successful applicants whose efforts result in effective waste minimization and/or related environmental education in Dubuque County. Waste minimization efforts for the purposes of this grant include, but are not limited to, source reduction, reuse methods, recycling, composting, and hazardous materials disposal and alternatives. 

Qualified projects are required to support the successful implementation of the DMASWA’s Solid Waste Management Comprehensive Plan and/or DMASWA's Environmental Management System (EMS) are preferred.  This program is funded through the landfill tipping fees collected by the DMASWA. 

For information on the DMASWA’s Waste Minimization Grant program or individual projects funded, visit or contact the DMASWA Education Coordinator Bev Wagner at 563-588-7933 or