An Environmentally Sound Landfill.

Not everyone realizes how much planning can and should go into a landfill. At DMASWA, we make sure ours reflects the overall commitment we have for the environment. Specifically, we’re working hard to reduce greenhouse gases, protect groundwater and facilitate well-planned, community-driven conservation alternatives. We believe that operating a good landfill is an important part of our commitment to the Dubuque community. And we’ll continue to look for ways to make it as environmentally sound as possible.

  • Trash Compactor

  • Tire Recycling

  • Regional Collection Center for Household Hazardous Materials

Information Brochure

For more information regarding the DMASWA Landfill services please download the document below.


Yes, along with cash and checks.

Monday through Saturday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Closed on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Christmas Day.

  • Appliances (for recycling)     $10 each
  • Contaminated Soil     $67.50 per ton
  • Electronic Screens (monitors, TVs, laptops)    $15 each
  • Solid Waste(over 660 pounds)     $45 per ton
  • Solid Waste minimum charge (under 660 pounds)      $15
  • Special Waste     $90 per ton
  • Shingles (for recycling)   $29 per ton
  • Tires (mounted or non-passenger vehicles)   $250 per ton
  • Tires (unmounted passenger vehicles, limit of four)     $4 each
  • Uncovered Load Fee (commercial)    $25
  • Uncovered Load Fee (residential)     $10
  • Yard Debris      $29 per ton

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