What to Do When You See Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping hurts everyone because it keeps Dubuque County from being as clean and green as it can be. If you see illegal dumping or know of a spot that needs to be cleaned up, please submit the form or call one of the phone numbers below with as much information as possible. We’ll take care of the rest. 

563-589-4415 - City of Dubuque Police Non-Emergency Dispatch
563-589-4414 - Dubuque County Sherriff Non-Emergency Dispatch
563-556-6745 - Dubuque County Illegal Dumping Enforcement Officer (Dubuque County Conservation Board)

Complaint Form

If you observed the vehicle that was used by the dumper(s), describe its make, model, company or personal logo and all or part of the license number if known.
Be as specific as possible, including the distance from road and whether the dump site is visible from the road. Describe landmarks such as nearby streams, buildings and roads to help locate the dumpsite.