Current Fees

The DMASWA is not tax supported and is financed by the fees charged for services.


Services Charged Per Ton:

SOLID WASTE TIPPING FEE                                                              $45.00

SOLID WASTE MINIMUM CHARGE (up to 660 lbs)                           $15.00

SOLID WASTE MINIMUM CHARGE – CAR                                        $13.00

SPECIAL WASTE TIPPING FEE                                                          $90.00

IMPACTED/CONTAMINATED SOIL FEE                                            $67.50

FOUNDRY SAND (FOR BENEFICIAL USE)                                       $15.00

SHINGLES (FOR RECYCLING)                                                          $29.00

TIRES (MOUNTED OR NON-PASSENGER)                                     $250.00

YARD DEBRIS                                                                                     $29.00


Services Charged per Item:

APPLIANCES                                                                                       $10.00

PASSENGER VEHICLE TIRES (LIMIT OF FOUR)                                $4.00

ELECTRONIC SCREENS (MONITORS, TVs, LAPTOPS)                   $15.00

UNCOVERED LOAD FEE – COMMERCIAL                                        $25.00

UNCOVERED LOAD FEE – RESIDENTIAL                                        $10.00

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