Agency Administration

Who We Are and How We Operate.

The Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency (DMASWA) is an intergovernmental entity formed in 1973 under Chapter 28E of the Code of Iowa. Formed originally to own and operate a sanitary landfill, the DMASWA has since broadened its mission.

Members include the City of Dubuque, with two Board representatives, and Dubuque County, with one representative. All remaining municipalities in Dubuque and Delaware Counties have signed "Non-Member Service Agreements." 

The Agency's municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill (permit #31-SDP-02-75P) is located on Dubuque's west side along U.S. Highway 20. Its service area is Dubuque and Delaware counties.

Specifically, the DMASWA’s mission is to:

  • Continue to own and operate an environmentally-sound landfill at the present location
  • Facilitate well-planned, community-driven, sustainable waste reduction and resource conservation alternatives to the DMASWA landfill
  • Provide a stable funding system based on user fees (i.e., tipping fees and various direct charges) and minimizing tax subsidies
  • Maintain reserve funds to cover appropriate items such as closure/post closure and care
  • Employ well-qualified staff and/or contractors
  • Foster a customer service-based orientation toward waste haulers and other facility users
  • Study and identify alternative solid waste management methods, customer needs, and funding approaches, and provide for the implementation of services to fill identified voids
  • Provide a structure for community/member input related to decisions and ongoing Board member education.

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