Medical Sharps

Proper disposal of medical sharps improves safety for our customers, staff and waste collections staff. Please do not put needles or containers with needles into your garbage or recycling. 

Disposal Program

The Agency provides free collection of residential sharps. Full containers may be dropped off at the Regional Collection Center, located at 101 Airborne Road, Dubuque, IA 52003. Appointments are necessary to drop off sharps and can be made by clicking here

Some pharmacies also have takeback programs. Be sure to check with your pharmacy to see if they have a takeback program you can participate in. 

Acceptable Containers

Sharps should be placed in a red, rigid approved sharps container, available at many retail locations. 

As an alternative, residents may dispose of medical sharps in rigid laundry detergent containers with screw on lids, tightly secured with tape. Please mark the container appropriately (SHARPS) to prevent it from being placed in your recycling bin or trash. 

Unacceptable Containers

Sharps placed in milk jugs, coffee cans with plastic lids, cardboard boxes, or plastic bags will not be accepted as these containers are too soft for safe disposal. 

Business Medical Sharps

Are you a business looking to dispose of Sharps? The Agency's Non-Residential Hazardous Material program accepts business medical sharps for a fee.