Composting organic materials (food scraps and yard debris) can reduce methane production and conserve natural resources.

Compost Use

Using compost has many benefits. Compost enriches the soil, nourishes vegetation, contributes to a more sustainable ecosystem, and much more. The United States Composting Council (USCC) has information on how you can use compost. Learn more here 

Backyard Composting

The best management option for residents is backyard composting. Backyard Composting reduces the carbon footprint required to produce compost. 

Backyard Composting Resources

  • Iowa State University has great resources to get you started. Their Composting Website can assist you and answer many of the questions you may have. 
  • United States Composting Council (USCC) also has resources on their site

DMASWA Compost Facility

The DMASWA also has an on-site Compost Facility. The facility is co-located at the DMASWA Landfill. The facility process organic materials received into finished, screened, USCC Certified Compost (Compost is produced from materials such as yard debris, which may contain chemicals). STA 

IMG_0274Self-Load, Small Quantity Availability

Residents looking for small quantities of compost (less than 1 Yard) can utilize self-load bunkers. 

There is no fee for residents self-loading small quantities from these bunkers. 

View a list of self-load bunkers locations across Dubuque County. 

Large Quantity, Loaded Compost Availability

Landscaping companies and other customers looking for larger quantities of finished compost (more than 1 cubic yard) can schedule an appointment to have their compost loaded by Agency staff. Agency-loaded compost is available for $18.50 per cubic yard (2-yard minimum charge). Appointments can be scheduled using the calendar below.