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DMASWA Education Office

The Solid Waste Education Office is a partnership between DMASWA, Loras College, and the Dubuque Environmental Task Force. The office provides solid waste reduction resources for educators and the general public. Contact the Education Coordinator by email or by calling 563-588-7933.

1450 Alta Vista St., #232
Dubuque, IA 52001

Green Vision Education Program

Caring about the environment can be fun and educational. Most of all, it means protecting our valuable natural resources. The Green Vision Education Program recognizes schools that practice pollution prevention, recycling, energy efficiency and waste reduction.

 , Green Vision Schools
Green Vision Schools receive a Green Vision Education flag to hang outside and a banner to display inside the building. Current Green Vision Education Schools and the awards they have received are:

Community Partners
Community partners in the Green Vision program include:

Become a Green Vision Education School

Green Vision Education Patches

For further information, email or call the Solid Waste Education Office at (563) 588-7933.

Group & School Tours

Tours provide a unique learning environment. A short tour can provide the knowledge
that may otherwise take weeks to learn. Arrangements can be made for group tours of the Dubuque Metro Landfill and Composting Site, and the Regional Collection Center, by calling the DMASWA Education Office at 563-588-7933 or 563-557-8220. Waste Minimization Grants are available to cover the transportation costs of educational field trips.

Educational Materials Available

DMASWA has many educational materials available for public use. Check out materials range from brochures and books to videos, DVDs, and curriculum supplements. With these materials you can learn almost everything you want to know about composting, solid waste reduction, ground water contamination, hazardous materials,  recycling, pollution prevention and many similar topics. To learn more, call 563-588-7933 or email beverly.wagner@loras.edu


Solid Waste Education and Communication Coordinator Bev Wagner, is available to speak to your group on topics such as waste reduction, home and business recycling, composting, household hazardous materials, landfilling or other solid waste topics.From preschool through adult levels, our programs can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your group. If you would like more information, please contact Education Coordinator at 563-588-7933.

Grants Available

The DMASWA offers funding of up to $25,000 to successful applicants whose efforts result in effective waste minimization and/or related education in Dubuque County. Waste minimization efforts for the purposes of this grant include, but are not limited to, source reduction, reuse methods, recycling, composting, and hazardous materials disposal and alternatives.

Education Grants
Education Grants are awarded for projects that educate residents, businesses, organizations, etc. about waste minimization efforts, availability of such services, or general waste minimization-related environmental knowledge are eligible. DMASWA may fund up to 100% of the costs of such projects.

DMASWA Waste Minimization Grant Fund
The DMASWA Waste Minimization Grant Fund will support up to 100% of costs for school buses or other appropriate transportation to transport students or youth groups to the Landfill and the local residential recycling center. Funding is contingent on the approval of a written explanation of comprehensive educational experience of the students or participants involved. This might include community activities, lesson plans, ongoing club activities, etc. This application needs to be submitted to the DMASWA Education Coordinator for final approval before funding is granted. Funding will be handled in the same manner as other applicants for the grant with reimbursement after an invoice is submitted to DMASWA. Groups would only be eligible once in a 12 month period of time.

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