Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency


Illegal Dumping Complaint Form

If you see illegal dumping or know of a spot that needs to be cleaned up, please submit this form with as much information as possible:

Your Information
Date Dumping Observed
Type of Waste
Estimate the amount of Waste
Number of BagsNumber of Pickup LoadsNumber of Dump Truck Loads
Number of TiresTownship (if known)City
Describe the dump in your own words.
If you observed the vehicle that was used by the dumper(s), describe its make, model, company or personal logo and all or part of the license number if known.
Has the waste been burned on this site?
Describe location of dump site from nearest town and road intersection.
Be as specific as possible, including the distance from road and whether the dump site is visible from the road. Describe landmarks such as nearby streams, buildings and roads to help locate the dumpsite.
Provide the name, address and telephone number of property owner, if known.
Provide the name, address and telephone number of person or company you believe is responsible for the illegal dumping, if known.
Provide a physical description of person if possible (height, weight, clothing, approximate age, weight, hair color).
Do you wish to be notified as to the outcome of our investigation?
This information will be investigated locally
and turned to over to the DNR regional field office if necessary.
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